Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 27 - Cooperstown Apocalypse

Sorry folks, it's a late entry for this week's Weekend Brews report, but have no fear, I have saved some time to tell you about another fantastic brew that has made its way to Florida. Hooray!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the award-winning brewery up in Cooperstown, New York. Yes, that's right, the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I had the pleasure of visiting the hall when I was a wee lad growing up in New York. It's an inspiring place to be to say the least... especially for a little kid just getting into baseball. Seeing the plaques of Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Babe Ruth... wow. The Hall is a heavenly place. I can't wait to visit there again as an adult and see my childhood heroes that have been inducted into the Hall. Someday, I will return to that hallowed ground.

Okay, enough of the nostalgia, this blog is about beer. This Weekend Brews report presents to you a beer from the now famous Ommegang Brewery. Ladies and gents, I give you "Ommegeddon."

Described as a, "funkhouse ale with brettanomyces," this beverage is sure to be an exciting adventure for the palette. It's a dry-hopped, blonde ale that has got to be good!

The Ommegeddon flows from the bottle to the glass and creates an incredible tangerine glow. A fluffy head sits atop the glass, and I'm ready to give this beer a try. I bring the glass in close to get a whiff... as prefaced by its orange glow, the beer gives off a beautiful scent of citrus. This beer smells fresh and enticing. And so we drink...

... mmmm, very nice. This beer is clean, crisp and dry. The Ommegeddon is an extremely refreshing ale, and that citrus smell from the hops is adding to the sensory pleasure. For an 8.0% ABV beer, it seems much lighter than I had expected. Well done.

While not a fan of all the Ommegang offerings, this Cooperstown, New York brewery definitely knows their stuff. However, I will admit, the name and labeling leave much to be desired. When I saw the name, "Ommegeddon" I was thinking I'd be tasting something a bit more intense... a beer that blew me away like the mushroom cloud on the front of the bottle. This beer is very good, but I'm a bit disappointed in thinking I'd be experiencing something outstanding and mind-blowing.

Look, don't let my last paragraph discourage you from trying Ommegeddon. This beer is a quality beverage that I believe every beer drinker would enjoy. It's great for a Summer day, and since it's crazy hot in "the Fla.," I'd say go get yourself a bottle.

Happy Friday my friends. Enjoy.

Overall score of the Ommegeddon: 3.75 out 5.0

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  1. I tried Ommegang's Wit beer last weekend and was a little disappointed too. It was just a little..."weak" would have to be the word. Then I got strep throat the next day. I blame beer.