Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Brews Week 15

Last day of the work week, first day of the beer week. Woo Hoo! I'm not even sure what that means...

This week we go organic. No chemically induced hops or barley in this week's beers, just goodness from the great green earth with no additives. Beauty.

The beer of choice for this Weekend Brews report is Cru D'or Organic Belgian Style Ale from North Coast Brewing Company. North Coast is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. This beel must be very new as there's not even a mention of it on the brewery's website. Sweet! I get a first taste of something special.

The Cru D'or pours a dark amber color into the tall glass and creates a wonderfully aromatic fluffy beige head. The beer has some quality head retention and the glass is now laced with a web of delicious foam. Scents of clove, orange and touch of banana hit my nose as I prepare for the first sip.

Ahhhhh... man that is tasty. The beer is spicy, rich and strong. You can most certainly taste the alcohol. I can even get a smidgen of smokiness from this ale. Weird.

This isn't the type of beverage I'd sit down and drink a 4-pack of, but it is a nice specialty brew to share with friends... which I will do soon. Give it a shot and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear the opinions on this Belgian Style from North Coast. It could be better, but it most certainly could be worse.

Overall Score: 3.0 out of 5.0

Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekend Brews Week 14

It's Friday, I've got a job and I've got shit to do... like drink beelz. That's right, I had band practice and some other things to tend to, but those activities are finished and it is time to officially tell you about Weekend Brews selection #14.

This ice ice cole cole beel was brought this way courtesy of Matt Weaver and his trip to the Garden State. Well the beer itself isn't from NJ, but we can't get it down here, so it is a special delivery.

This week I'd like to feature a tasty brew from Weyerbacher Brewing Company from Easton, PA. It's name is Hops Infusion India Pale Ale. Ahhhh yeaaaah... a tasty IPA. I love Fridays and good beer.

This beverage has a lovely foamy head that sticks around awhile to let you know it's not fooling around. What to do next with this beer you ask? Go on... stick your nose in there... do it! (cue Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin)

The aroma... there's citrus, there's sweet and tasty hot cross buns and there's a touch of spice. A nice.

Drink it!

Okay, I will. This brown bottled beauty grabs me like an angry drunk zookeeper grabs an aggressive chimp trying to steal his only sandwich and bag of chips. Get over here!

It's bitter, with a simple hint of sweetness that rounds out a beautiful medium-bodied ale. Personally I wouldn't mind if this beer was a bit thicker on the tongue, but I really shouldn't complain. We can't even get this beer in Florida!

So my friends, if you live in an area, most likely the northeast, where you can get Weyerbacher beers, give the Hops Infusion IPA a try. It's a fantastic brew to start your weekend, and one you can drink several of without feeling like you are being dragged down by the alcohol.

So far I've had a few of the Weyerbacher beers, and my favorite is their Double Simcoe IPA, but this beverage is no slouch. Pick up a sixer if you can, and have a great weekend.


Overall score for Weyerbacher Hops Infusion India Pale Ale: 4.0 out of 5.0

Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Brews Week 13

It's Friday and thank Jebus I'm feeling well enough to drink beers. I'm now in week three of battling pneumonia, and most of the evil is gone from my lungs and body, but there's still a lingering bug that refuses to leave.

That being the case, what better way to eliminate that bug than with a tasty beer to start the weekend, right?

Tonight's selection is from Lagunitas. A fine west coast brewer that somehow gets their delicious beverages all the way to us in this little town of Gainesville. Thank you distributors. Thank you.

The Weekend Brews selection is The Hairy Eye Ball Ale. It's a seasonal from Lagunitas, arriving a bit late here in Florida as it appears this brew is set for the colder weather. That's alright, I can still appreciate its complex flavor.

The Hairy Eye Ball Ale pours a lovely dark amber hue into the pint glass and boasts a solid head of beige foam atop the liquid. The head subsides to expose the aroma of a sweet caramel apple dropped straight to the bottom of the glass. Growing up in the Northeast, this beer reminds me of the Fall and the smell of fresh ciders and apple pie... with a splash of alcohol that is. Mmmmmm.

Although the alcohol comes through clearly, this beer is very smooth and one you will want to try with say a pot roast or beef stew. Hell, speaking of the timing, this beer would go great with a heaping helping of Shepherd's Pie. Oh man, that sound sooooooo good right now. I'm starting my grocery list right now to get the ingredients to make one of those tomorrow. Granted I'll probably have a Guinness or two, but this Hairy Eye Ball... ha ha ha... sorry, that name is ridiculous... will do just fine.

The Hairy Eye Ball Ale from Lagunitas is a great choice for the Fall and Winter season. I just wish we had another cold spell here in North Florida. Not going to happen. It will drop down to 60 if we're lucky. For those of you in the colder regions, grab a sixer of this beauty while it lasts. It only gets out to stores from January through March, so get it while you can.

Happy Friday everybody, and enjoy your weekend!

Overall Score for Lagunitas The Hairy Eye Ball Ale: 3.25 out of 5.0

P.S. If you didn't know, the Catholic bishops of Ireland have declared St. Patrick's Day will be observed on Saturday, March 15th in 2008. This is due to the conflicting schedule with Holy Week. So, get out there and celebrate on Saturday so ya don't have to be hungover during the normal work week since this year St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday. Check it out
(link courtesy of Mr. Matt Weaver)


Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from St. Louis, Getting Better, and Soon Come The Beers

It has been quite some time since I posted a thought or two on some tasty beers and I apologize. Fact is I'm still feeling the effects of pneumonia that has been kicking my ass for a few weeks now.

I just got back home this morning from a long weekend trip driving up to St. Louis, MO and back to visit our old buddy Chad and his band Victoria. We had a great weekend playing music and enjoying many a pint of Schlafly's. They have a tasty coffee stout that made a nice welcome gift upon our arrival in STL. Their Pale Ale was pretty decent as well.

I need to take a few more days off to sleep and continue recovering. That cold air in St. Louis didn't help the cold and coughing too much. If all goes well, this Friday will be another installment of Weekend Brews so we can get back into the swing of things with the new Spring seasonals about to hit the market.

So keep checking back as there will be more to read very soon.

For everyone else out there battling the colds, allergies and flu going around, I wish you the best. May we all recover soon and raise a pint to celebrate.