Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Brews Week 13

It's Friday and thank Jebus I'm feeling well enough to drink beers. I'm now in week three of battling pneumonia, and most of the evil is gone from my lungs and body, but there's still a lingering bug that refuses to leave.

That being the case, what better way to eliminate that bug than with a tasty beer to start the weekend, right?

Tonight's selection is from Lagunitas. A fine west coast brewer that somehow gets their delicious beverages all the way to us in this little town of Gainesville. Thank you distributors. Thank you.

The Weekend Brews selection is The Hairy Eye Ball Ale. It's a seasonal from Lagunitas, arriving a bit late here in Florida as it appears this brew is set for the colder weather. That's alright, I can still appreciate its complex flavor.

The Hairy Eye Ball Ale pours a lovely dark amber hue into the pint glass and boasts a solid head of beige foam atop the liquid. The head subsides to expose the aroma of a sweet caramel apple dropped straight to the bottom of the glass. Growing up in the Northeast, this beer reminds me of the Fall and the smell of fresh ciders and apple pie... with a splash of alcohol that is. Mmmmmm.

Although the alcohol comes through clearly, this beer is very smooth and one you will want to try with say a pot roast or beef stew. Hell, speaking of the timing, this beer would go great with a heaping helping of Shepherd's Pie. Oh man, that sound sooooooo good right now. I'm starting my grocery list right now to get the ingredients to make one of those tomorrow. Granted I'll probably have a Guinness or two, but this Hairy Eye Ball... ha ha ha... sorry, that name is ridiculous... will do just fine.

The Hairy Eye Ball Ale from Lagunitas is a great choice for the Fall and Winter season. I just wish we had another cold spell here in North Florida. Not going to happen. It will drop down to 60 if we're lucky. For those of you in the colder regions, grab a sixer of this beauty while it lasts. It only gets out to stores from January through March, so get it while you can.

Happy Friday everybody, and enjoy your weekend!

Overall Score for Lagunitas The Hairy Eye Ball Ale: 3.25 out of 5.0

P.S. If you didn't know, the Catholic bishops of Ireland have declared St. Patrick's Day will be observed on Saturday, March 15th in 2008. This is due to the conflicting schedule with Holy Week. So, get out there and celebrate on Saturday so ya don't have to be hungover during the normal work week since this year St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday. Check it out
(link courtesy of Mr. Matt Weaver)


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