Thursday, July 5, 2007

Battle of the Beers Coming Soon!

David of the Castellanos clan has done what most of us could only think of... he has taken the time to create a 64-team... uhhh beer, bracket to determine the best beer available here in Gainesville, Florida... American beer that is... hey yesterday was the 4th of July afterall. Now since it will only be beer we can get around here, no complaints if your favorite does not appear. Actually he had to scale the bracket down a bit and even some of my favorites didn't make it. Based on combinations of info from and, Dave has made a pretty damn comprehensive list of competitors. Over the next few months we will be having blind taste tests using a system of judging we're still trying to figure out. ha ha. So keep checking back here as the bracket will be available as a downloadable PDF so you too can play along if you so choose. This is sure to help us get through another disgustingly hot and humid North Central Florida Summer.

So here's to beers and all the magical flavors they provide.


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