Monday, October 22, 2007

Beer of the Week to Start This Friday!

Well just what in the hell is a blog about beer that doesn't have a beer of the week review, right? Exactly. So starting this Friday I will be happy to drink and review another tantalizing brew that will hopefully tickle your tastebuds and encourage you to get out there and do your part in support craft breweries. And, Friday is just such a perfect day to begin drooling over fine ales and lagers. Mmmmmm...

We are now in the Fall season, well not here in Florida, but I'm from New York so it's still Fall to me. That means some great seasonal beers, especially those winter brews should be hitting the shelves.

I'm looking forward to exploring those and don't be shy if you want to drop a line of post a comment on this blog. It gets lonely in this quiet little beer cave sometimes.

If you have some recommendations for Beer of the Week, just let me know.


1 comment:

  1. It's about time you started posting again. I check this thing every few days and usually nothing. Keep writing...I brought back some tasty brews from Oregon, which will now be referred to as "Beer Heaven" from now on.