Friday, January 4, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week Eight... Happy New Beelz!

One would imagine that having a three day work week would make the first work week of 2008 a bit easier to deal with. The truth is, this week was just as bad as any other.

And now it's Friday and time for beer. Praise you Friday.

I decided to start the new year off with a Belgian selection. A beer I've never had before, but one I am very happy I picked up at the store. It's a beauty, and it's the Tripel from Affligem Brewery, known simply as, "Affligem."

You know when you go to a brewery website and see a Belgian served in a glass goblet that it is worth your time to try. There are even instructions on the side of the bottle on how to pour the beer into a proper glass.

It is an extreme pleasure learning about the Belgian brewing tradition and just how much pride they take in their beer. I love to support the craft brewers of the US as much as possible, but there is something magical about a Belgian ale that every beer drinker needs to experience now and then.

So, on to the brew...

It pours smoothly into the wide-mouthed glass forming a near perfect head that could put up a good fight for the retention gold medal versus even the heaviest of whipped cream. The color is a beautiful gold littered with the elegant upward flow of tiny little bubbles letting me know there's going to be a nice level of carbonation to this beverage.

The aroma is familiar to many other well-crafted Belgian beers, ripe with banana and a touch of orange zest.

This beer slides down the throat with ease. A very smooth mouthfeel with the tiniest dry bite to finish the taste. I actually wouldn't mind a drier finish to this beer, but the smoothness is a treat I suppose.

I prefer a bit more carbonation as well, but again, I should not complain because not all beers are created equal or meant to taste alike.

The Affligem is a welcome starter to the weekend. I had a couple of Sierra Nevada Pale Ales earlier in the evening, so the Belgian was a tasty nightcap in front of the fireplace as we brave this chilly North Florida evening(just kidding, it's only 45 degrees... but the fire is still blazing).

Grab an Affligem Tripel when you get the chance and don't be shy to explore the world of Belgian Abbey ales. There are so many to choose from, I can't wait to try more throughout the new year.

Enjoy my friends.

Overall score: 3.75 out 5.0


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