Friday, February 1, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 11... Helloooo Brooklyn!

Hooray for Friday!

It's here again and I'm stoked because my good friend Adrian did me the favor of driving up to Valdosta, GA to pick up many beers we cannot get here in Gainesville,Fla.

Since the Giants will be trying to do what seems like the impossible this Sunday, I thought I'd feature another great New York brew this week. This weekend's choice is from my favorite hometown heroes, Brooklyn Brewery. Garret Oliver, I thank you.

I'd like to tell you about the Brooklyner Weisse Beer. It is gorgeous.

It pours into the glass with a fluffy head and light golden hue. After sticking my nose in the glass I can catch the fruity aromas of orange and lemon and even a slight note of banana. This beer has such a clean feel to it even without touching the glass to my lips. You can just sense the refreshment headed my way.

The first sip... ahhhhhh. As I tilt the long, slender glass back and the liquid gold slides down my throat I can only imagine being outside in a park during a mild Spring day, getting ready to play some wiffleball and enjoy the sunshine. Ahhhhhh indeed. This beer has a little bite, a touch of spice and the most pleasing citrus flavor you can imagine. It's velvety smooth and carries just the right mix of wheat malt and hops. Man, this is good!

I love this brew. Being a fan of traditional Hefeweizens, I can tell you that Brooklyn nailed it. The only thing I might want to see more of in this beer, and really it is just me nitpicking, would be a bit more carbonation. When I drink wheat beers, I always like them to be in the mid-range when it comes to carbonation, and I'd say this beer is more on the lighter side. There's just something about that wheat flavor that matches perfectly with a bit more bubbles in your glass. That's just me though.

Overall I think this beer is fantastic. It's light, refreshing, full of citrus and wheat flavor, and goes perfect with just about any type of outdoor grilling food.

This beer is not yet available in Gainesville,Fla., but if you can find it in your neck of the woods, and you're planning on having a BBQ for the big game on Sunday, I highly recommend picking up a case of Brooklyner Weisse Beer and sharing it with your friends... or stashing it away in a secret cooler to have all to yourself. ha ha. Either way, it's a great compliment to the food hot off the coals.

Go grab some for yourself. Do it!

Overall Score: 4.5 out 5.0

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