Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 30 - When There's Heat, There's Wheat!

Another balmy evening here in North Central Florida and there's only one way I can think of putting an end to this sweaty misery... beer! Not just any beer, but wheat beer! There's just something about the refreshing flavor and bubbly goodness of a quality weizen beer.

In honor of the New York Knicks hiring a new coach and point guard this Summer, we're going to try a new wheat brew. It's a happy Friday folks, because today there is Slam Dunkel! It's a double dunkelweizen from the talented brew crew at Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Easton, Pennsylvania. Woo Hoo!

This beauty is brewed with 50% wheat malt, along with pale, Munich and chocolate malts to round out the flavor and color.

From the bottle pours a captivating chestnut brown liquid that flows gently into the long slender glass. A thick foam that looks like the inside of the Three Musketeers bar floats to the top and greets me with a smile ("Helloooooo!").

The pleasant aroma of spices, a little nutmeg, coriander, and more hit the nostrils. There's even a hint of what smells like a breakfast bread of some kind... maybe a sweet roll. Ahhhh. And to the taste...

Wheat Jesus that's good! Mmmmmm. This beer is wonderfully smooth and full of malt flavor. You get just a hint of that chocolate malt, and the refreshing crisp finish from the wheat. There are flavors of caramel, a slight hint of citrus and the perfect amount of carbonation to round out this fantastically hearty brew. Good show chaps!

The dunkelweizen may not be your best choice for a warm day (it is a dark beer after all), but with that 50% wheat grain bill, there's enough refreshment for to at least have one or two.

So come on inside and get out of that horrible heat. Crank up the AC, and pour yourself a Slam Dunkel. I might just have to send a bottle or two up to MSG to get the Knicks ready for a run at the playoffs.

Enjoy my friends.


Overall Score of the Weyerbacher Slam Dunkel: 4.0 out 5.0

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  1. I picked one of these up the other day based on your review. Quite tasty, indeed.