Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 31.666 - Milwaukee's Other Beer

Okay, so I purchased a few more than two beers today, and I just popped open number three. I really love the weekend.

After tasting this beer, I thought it worthy of a blog spot at the very least. The beer is Lakefront Brewery's Bridge Burner Special Reserve Ale. It must be brand new because it isn't even mentioned on their website. Yes, that's right, the famous brewery in Milwaukee that houses the old Bernie Brewer slide from the original Brewer's stadium. If you've ever seen the fantastic movie, "American Beer", then you are familiar with the brewery.

The beer is a friendly dark amber color (pssssst... the glass behind the bottle next to the laptop is what I'm drinking... it's good...) with a nose filled with a bit of citrus and touch of fruity esters. My flavor description for the Bridge Burner... if this even makes sense... is light and smooth, but full enough to taste like a quality ale. Sure, that's a vague explanation at best, but it's an easy-drinking beer that fools you with its appearance.

Granted, I've started my evening with an imperial IPA and a hoppy lager, so perhaps I should have reversed the order. Either way, the Lakefront Bridge Burner is a quality brew that if available in six-packs, would be a regular in my weekend rotation of beers to enjoy while watching the game... any game.

Ward's grocery in town has it for only $3.99 for a 22oz. bottle. Great price for an 8.0% ABV American craft-brewed ale.

Give it go!


Overall score of the Lakefront Bridge Burner Special Reserve Ale: 3.5 out 5.0

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  1. I tend to buy my ales online from sites such The Drink Shop and "bishops finger" and "hen's tooth" are my favorite tipples. Can't say I have ever tried an American ale before apart from Budweiser and I am not sure whether that is rated very high by Americans.