Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beer Advocate Magazine

I wanted to put up a post about Beer Advocate Magazine. It's the print version of all that is wonderful from the Alström brothers' website

Each month they put out a new issue filled with fantastic articles about beer and everything related to the subject, including interviews with some of the world's best brewers, tips on where to drink when you visit different cities, homebrewing tips, beer reviews, and just about everything else that a beer lover wants to read.

They usually have some great photography to go along with the interesting writing as well.

Now this isn't a literary mag, so if you're looking for the "New Yorker" go pick it up and stay the hell away from Beer Advocate. That's not to say the writing is poor, it's just written in a more informal manner. Personally I believe that's exactly how a beer magazine should be written.

They only charge $20/year for subscriptions right now, and that's a damn good deal.

I'm always looking forward to the new issue each time I open the mailbox. In fact, there hasn't been a day yet that I didn't read it cover to cover as soon as it was delivered.

So, if you dig beer as much as I do, and wouldn't mind learning more about the subject and what's going on in the industry, as well as some advice about new beers to try, pick yourself up a copy. Or, better yet, get a subscription, it's only $20. That's probably less than what most of us spend on one weekend of beer anyway.


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  1. Completely unrelated to this you have a digital camera?

    If so, you should take a picture of the bottle you are reviewing, along with what the beer looks like when poured.

    I'd be curious to actually see the beers in a glass.