Friday, November 30, 2007

Man's Best Friend...

Once again Friday is upon us... thank God.

And so I write a small post about man's best friend, the dog. My dog Lucy is certainly a fantastic companion and always good for a few laughs. That's her right down there.

In her honor, I've decided today's first beer is a classic brew known as Turbodog.

If you haven't tasted Turbodog from Abita Brewing Company, you are missing out. Sure it's been around for awhile, but it deserves a shout out as much as any other beer out there.

is a beautiful dark brown ale crafted in small batches that pours into the glass with a healthy head of foam. It's always nice to see that chocolately brown color in the head of a dark beer, and it gets you ready for the aromas that follow...

... Mmmmm... chocolate and toffee. This beer may be as close as you can get to a liquid Heath Bar, or maybe even a Twix. With its smooth mouthfeel and tiny bite from the Williamette hops, I would have this beer for both breakfast and dessert.

Living in Florida where it never seems to get cold, I dream of being back up North for some winter chill to go with this beverage. I'd like to tailgate for a December Giants game with this pride of Louisiana in hand.

I can just imagine biting into a hot and spicy steak sandwich and washing it down with a gulp of Turbodog. Ahhhhhhh. Can't you just smell the red hot coals cooking the well seasoned beef, peppers and onions while you and your friends get fired up for the game? Oh man, it's going to be good going back home for the holidays.

I've got another tasty beer to add for this week's Weekend Beelz report. That one should be up shortly, but for now, grab yourself a sixer of Turbodog and pretend it's cold outside(that is if your stuck in the South, otherwise, just open the window).

My overall score for Abita's Turbodog: 4.5 out of 5.0



  1. Ok, reading this blog while at work is serious torture. Now I'm hungry and craving Turbodog. Way to go.

    We need to tailgate in the cold again, and this time we need to bring Lucy.

  2. Ditto to Matt. Sitting here at work and I want a Turbodog NOW..and I hate the cold, but not cold beer.