Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend Brews! Week Four

Okay, well it's Friday night, almost midnight and well this week's beer to start your weekend is Lagunitas "Censored" Rich Copper Ale. The description of this beer on the brewery website is the best I've read in a long time. ha ha ha.

Right to it in order to make it before midnight:

This beer pours a smooth, copper, yes, copper, hue with a nice creamy head. It smells like a sweet malty wonderworld touched with a kiss of hoppiness. This is one of those beers that you can enjoy a full six pack of and not feel like you drank a well full of syrup. It's perfectly balanced, and light bodied enough to enjoy all six beers by yourself... or share with a friend.

Right now I'm enjoying mine in front of a roaring fire. In North Central Florida this opportunity appears perhaps, once or thrice a year, so I have to say, I'm very happy to have a Lagunitas brew in front of me on this special occasion.

This left coast brewery has yet to disappoint me. I even saw a case of "Brown Shugga" from Lagunitas waiting to be opened at my local beer store, and I will most definitely be going back to pick up that seasonal delight.

When I do, I'll be sure to tell you about it right here.

Well, sorry for the hasty post and all, but it's after midnight now, and well, there's a fire in my living room and I live in Florida. I have to take advantage of this experience right now, or forever regret it.

Pick up some Lagunitas this weekend. Any of 'em. I have no doubt in my mind it will make you a happier person... at least temporarily.

Overall Score: 3.25 out of 5.0


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