Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Brews, Week 18... A Lager For Jagr

It's another glorious night of the NHL playoffs and the Rangers have the chance to put the Devils out of their misery. Sweeeeeeet. In honor of Jaromir Jagr of the New York Rangers, I've decided to choose a tasty lager for this Weekend Brews report.

The lager of choice is the Full Sail LTD Series, Limited Edition Lager. Have ya had it? I haven't, so here we go...

The label was clearly written by a wordsmith after my own heart, as he/she lays down the following, "An easy-drinking albeit wicked awesome Limited Edition Lager from our ace crew of libationary wunderkinds." Wow. Go ahead and try and tell me you don't want to try this beer... that's what I thought.

The LTD series lager pours a rich copper color which tells me it's going to have some malt sweetness and hopefully the hops to carry it. This beer smells a bit like a sweet roll with just a touch of fruitiness inside. I have to say, if you've had as many lagers as I've had, you'd find this aroma a bit strange for a lager. Weirdness aside, how does it taste you ask?

Very smooth, sweet, plenty of malt, not too much hop character and a bit of a dry finish. Well done I say! If I had to put this beer in a category, I might say it is an English-style American Lager. This brew is incredibly easy-to-drink and fit for any springtime BBQ.

I'm enjoying mine with some pizza and I have to say it works well, but I'd rather be eating a big juicy cheeseburger with grilled onions, tomatoes and a side of fresh-cut fries. Awww maaan... I might have to save this pizza for later.

Anyway, give the Full Sail LTD Series Limited Edition Lager a try. Turns out this beer will only be available for a short time according to their website. This lager is labeled, "Bottle Number 01" and they plan a "Bottle Number 02" shortly. Get it while you can!

And kudos to the wordsmith again, for on their website they explain that LTD does indeed stand for "limited", but more importantly for the crew at Full Sail Brewing Company, it means, "Live The Dream." ha ha. Love it.

So go out there and, "live the dream," and pick up a sixer of this tasty brew.

Overall Score: 4.0 out 5.0


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