Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Brews Week 16 - Ales From Wales

It's 5 o' clock somewhere as the saying goes, and right now it's about 7:30PM on a Friday in Florida. Time for Weekend Brews!

This week we have a treat from across the pond. Wales to be exact. That tiny country from which such great singers as Tom Jones have crooned, comes what is know to be "The National Ale of Wales." The beer is called, Double Dragon Ale from Felinfoel Brewery. With a title as the "National Ale" it has to be good.

It pours into the pint glass a perfect sunset orange with just enough head to let you know it's an ale from Great Britain. Some great lacing on the glass appears as the foam disappears into the gorgeous amber liquid.

I get a hint of citrus from the hops in the nose with plenty of sweet caramel letting me know this will be filled with malty flavor.

And now, for your pleasure and mine I will drink this ale.

Oh good God that is smoooooooooth. To use the Matt Weaver "drinkability" scale, I would score the creaminess of this beer as good enough to drink a six. Unfortunately they only sell it in single 16.9 oz bottles in the US. Bummer. I can only imagine how amazing this beer would taste properly poured from the tap. Oh man.

The beer is perfectly balanced with just enough bitterness from the hops and perfect amount of sweetness carried by the malt. It's velvet texture finishes with just a touch of dryness so you don't feel like you just drank a glass of milk. Outstanding. A tip my hat to the brewer of this batch of tasty ale.

This is my first beer from Wales, and if they all taste this good or even close, I want to try them all. I am now on a mission to sample more beers from that little nation because right now they are giving anything coming out of England a run for its money.

I picked up this beauty at Dorn's in town. They have three bottles left. Get 'em while you can.


Overall Score of the Double Dragon Ale: 4.25 out 5.00

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