Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 32 - Terrorists Took My Beer!

Yesterday morning ... 5am... I arrive at the airport in San Francisco only to find an enormous line of approximately 150-200 people waiting to check-in at the Delta counter. Disgusted at the scene, I decide to sneak over to one of the vacant ticket kiosks and check-in on the DL. Sweet! It took me about two minutes to get my boarding passes, and now I'm home free. "To hell with checking my bags," I tell myself. I didn't check any on the way here, why should I now?

I proceeded to the security checkpoint and was invited to join another large line of unhappy early morning travelers. We snaked around for awhile, corralled by the retractable bands that surrounded us like yellow tape at a crime scene. After 15-20 minutes of riding the line snake I began to get ready to be inspected... off with the shoes, out with the cell phone, wallet, keys, laptop, backpack and finally my rolling suitcase. Right as I'm slinging my heavy suitcase up onto the conveyor belt it hits me... FUCK! We are no longer allowed to bring liquids on the plane!What a bunch of shit! Wait... why would I care? Well, perhaps it's because I had two six packs of canned craft-brewed beer straight from the 21st Amendment Brewery!

I stay calm, and pray for a miracle ... no luck. As I'm putting on my shoes and gathering up my things, the security lady asks if she can check out my bag. I oblige and she begins to unzip and unpack my suitcase. Sock-by-sock she pulls out each of the perfectly protected cans of craft beer. Six of the Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer and five of the Brew Free or Die IPA (at least I was able to drink one beer before they were destroyed).

I felt like a total idiot because I knew the regulations, but when it's that early my brain doesn't necessarily work at full capacity. As the woman pulled out the beer I decided to say, "Well, at least you guys can have a party. Please don't let it go to waste!"

"I wish," security lady said. "We have to throw it out." One word to describe that ... awful.

Why the terrorists have won:

I would like to point out that we have let the terrorists win. Not only is it illegal to bring delicious, healthy, American beer on the plane (what if I were to get thirsty?!), but the security people are forced to throw out delicious craft beer instead of drinking it. We might as well go back to living under the crown. This is nothing but bollocks I say! Bollocks!

However, it's Friday, and I'll be damned if I'm not drinking a tasty beer from the left coast! Mister Randy Dunn, a little help here:

Today we sample the Lost Coast Brewery's Tangerine Wheat Ale. This unfiltered wheat ale is the perfect addition to another balmy evening in Fla. The crickets and frogs are providing a pleasant wall of sound as a backdrop before my lips hit the glass.

The beer pours slowly and sunshine-orange flows down the long slender vessel. The pungent aroma of tangerines is filling my kitchen. If you've ever held a fresh tangerine right up to your nose, that's exactly what this beer smells like... rind and all.

The flavor is bizarre. This brew tastes like a combination of Orangina, lager beer and club soda. Now, don't get me wrong, this is a tasty beverage. It's flavorful, refreshing and does just fine on these hot summer nights. The only thing that bothers me about this beer is the creepy little tangerine-headed guy on the label. WTF?

I've got a Belgian saison in the fridge too. I may just discuss that a little later. For now, think about mouthwatering citrus wheat beers and go get yourself one. GO! NOW!

Overall Score of the Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Beer: 3.0 out 5.0

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