Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 33 - Sunday Special

Sometimes when you set up to do something at the same time, week after week, eventually you grow tired of the same old nonsense and take a break. That was Friday. Honestly, I just didn't want to take time away from hanging out with friends and enjoying the evening to write up a post on the blog.

However, turns out Sunday is still consider the weekend and therefore I present to you the Weekend Brews Report today. Hooray!

It's a pleasant 86 degrees outside in the shade, and a perfect time to tell you about another fantastic brew from the Weyerbacher Brewing Company. Today we sample Muse Farmhouse Ale.

The Muse pours perfectly into the glass and creates a gorgeous, cloudy late evening liquid sunset. A delicious-looking creamy head floats gently to the top, and sticks around for awhile as I get my first whiff. This beer has some nice spice aroma to it, and a bit of earthy, grassy smells as well, most likely from those styrian golding hops.

The first sip goes down as smooth as Barry White chorus. It's a light and lip-smacking delight. There's some bitterness to the brew, and a wonderful dry finish. This really is another great summer beer.

If you have yet to indulge in the majestic world of saison, or farmhouse ales, I highly recommend you do. They are great all year round, but especially fantastic during the warm weather months. Check out for a list of great farmhouse ales to get a sip of this Summer.

Happy Sunday folks. I know we go back to work tomorrow, but it sure is nice to finish the weekend with a tasty brew from me to you.


Overall Score for the Weyerbacher Muse Farmhouse Ale: 3.25 out 5.0

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