Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 36 - Goodbye Florida, Hello California!

It's Friday, and it's my last weekend in Florida before the big move to California. Wow.

I'm not exactly sure where I'll be next Friday since our driving route will depend on what this crazy hurricane Gustav does, but check in either way. I may just have something to write about from wherever the hell we are.

So, tonight, we'll start with a lovely east coast beer from Weyerbacher Brewing Company. They call it Blanche. It's a Belgian-style wit beer, perfect for this steamy Florida evening.

Did someone say, "Blanche?"

This unfiltered wheat beer is cloudy and produces a fizzy head that disappears quickly. The aroma of spice and banana fill the glass. The flavor is light and refreshing with a nice hint of citrus. You could definitely drink more than a few of these. Since it's the first weekend of college football, I'd recommend drinking a few sixers of this around your grill. Go on rednecks, change it up and support a craft brewery and put down that Busch Light. ha ha.

Overall Score for the Weyerbacher Blanche: 3.75 out of 5.0

But wait, there's more ...

I decided to crack open another brew from Weyerbacher. What the hell, right? I'm not sure you can get Weyerbacher beers out west, so I'm making sure I get my fill now.

Let us talk about the Merry Monks! It's another Belgian-style brew ... this time a golden ale. It's an Abbey Tripel that says good times with a 9.3% ABV.

The beer is true to it's description as the golden liquid fills the glass. I was hoping for a burst of fluffy foam on top, but the head wasn't much to talk about ... except that I just talked about it. (sorry, sorry.)

Holy spice and fruit blast in the nose! It's like a Christmas spice and fruit cake without that creepy, slimy glaze on the outside. And now to the flavor ...

This beer is fucking delicious! Blanche was pretty good, but hot damn! Get yourself a glass of the Merry Monks and make yourself a magnificent and magical evening. Mmmmm. You can really taste the spice ... the coriander, maybe some cloves, and a super smooth finish to boot.

I'm always impressed with American versions of Belgian beer styles that really hit the mark. This is one of them. If you like the stronger Belgians, and want to support an east coast craft brewery, go on and get yourself a Merry Monk. Weyerbacher, I sure hope you have distro out to the left coast.

Overall Score of the Weyerbacher Merry Monks: 4.5 out 5.0

P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos. My camera isn't working for me tonight. Once I get out west, settled and the paychecks start flowing, I'll get myself a little better camera to improve this blog. Word.

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  1. You did not just post a Golden Girls clip. Okay, maybe you did. See you in a week!