Friday, December 7, 2007

Weekend Brews Week Five

It's the fifth installment of Weekend Brews and do I have a treat for you... or rather, me.

This week I implore you to start your weekend with a Belgian beer. Tis the season for "Christmas Beers" or winter ales. This particular selection I have chosen tonight is brewed by Brouwerij Van Bossche and it is called, Kerst Pater Special Christmas Beer.

Oh glorious beer! This Belgian masterpiece pours a dark chocolate brown with a thick foamy head that sticks around longer than the sweetest root beer you've had as a kid.

From the first sip you are immersed in a flavorful quicksand that sucks you down into its core. A deliciously sweet nectar of various malts mixed with what must be the most intelligent strain of yeast I've yet to encounter.

Well, what the hell does that mean? It means, that this yeast seems to produce the perfect balance of alcohol and carbonation to dance upon the tongue with fizziness, but finish with the elegance of a European pastry.

Most writers describing food and drink tend to go to the earth's end to find the most elaborate descriptions to entice readers to try what they have tried, but honestly, regardless of which fancy words and phrases are used in this post, you have to try this beer. It's amazing.

A loss for words, perhaps not, but for a beer of this caliber, I'm not sure anyone from Dickens to Thoreau could put this into adequate prose.

Just try it. It's an expensive beer compared to most at $8.00 US a 750ml bottle, but believe me, it is worth at least that.

Are you going to a holiday dinner? Family celebration in the next few weeks? Show up with a bottle of Kerst Pater Christmas Ale and you will be loved forever.

I can say no more.

Overall score: 5.0 out of 5.0

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