Friday, December 7, 2007

What? They make beer in Aruba?

Yes folks it's true, they make beer in Aruba. At least I know that now, and so do you. Why a beer from Aruba?

Well, my friends Max and Tisha were kind enough to bring one back for me from their recent vacation. They know of my love for beelz or all kinds, so what more exotic than an beer from Aruba? ha ha. Okay, it's not exactly the number one or number 46 destination for fine ales and lagers. However, I had to thank them with a post about their find.

Okay, well it comes in a lovely aluminum can and the beer is called, Balashi. It's a golden Pilsner lager fit for a silver can. It's brewed by Brouwerij Nacional Balashi who is know for well... this beer.

I could tell you about it's fairly non-existent aroma, and the fact that it tastes like a watered down Miller Lite, but really, I would be doing my readers a great injustice if I did not provide a word for word quote from their website, so here ya go:

"The taste of Balashi is the result of a scientific approach towards surveying the local taste. A panel of local experts tasted different categories of beer available both in Aruba and in the region.

The results of this survey were sent to the laboratory. The world famous brewer Mr. Gerhard Lindenhahn, who has over 50 Years of experience, assisted our Brew master Mr. Klaus Eckert, who had successfully run the Kubuli Brewery on the island of Dominica.

Together they prepared our secret recipe, which has proven to be a big winner.

The Arubans prefer their beer with a deep golden color totally clear and transparent, with a bitterness which is soft to the tongue and the nose, however with an aroma of fresh hobs, a short aftertaste and an easy foam. The combination should feel fresh and smooth to the mouth when cold served, perfect as refreshment in Aruba’s hot climate."

There's no way I could have written a better description than the above. It really does have a great aroma of hobs. ha ha ha. Calvin and Hobbes, maybe.

Alright, this was my entertainment for the evening. My Weekend Beelz report will be up shortly.

Thanks again to Max and Tisha for the Aruba beer. It actually wasn't bad at all, and I could see drinking many of these on the beach while enjoying the warm tropical sun. So take my sarcasm for what it's worth.

However, if you have a choice of many beelz, this is probably not one you would want to pick up... unless of course you were in Aruba, and well, if Miller Lite was not available, this would suffice.


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