Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blue Point Brewery - Long Island's Best Beer

Recently, I took my annual trip back to Long Island. A stop off at the Blue Point Brewery to enjoy some locally brewed beer is always on the agenda. The brewery's Toasted Lager, Hoptical Illusion and Oatmeal Stout beers are pretty much legendary by now, but I was hoping we would get a chance to try something new. With a healthy-thirst, my friend Glenn and I hopped in the car to make the trip to Patchogue.

We walked through the back entrance, past the fermentation tanks and into the insanely crowded tasting room. You just have to love a brewery that allows its patrons access to all of the equipment used in making their tasty beers.

We opened the door to the tasting room and blam! Wall-to-wall people! We fought our way to the bar, and checked out the selections on the board.

Whoa! To our delight, they had added a Dunkel Weiss and a Cherry Imperial Stout!

We quickly ordered up some of the Dunkel Weiss. Wow! A beautiful chestnut-brown fizzy head, and notes of caramel, cloves and a hint of orange. The first sip was sent from heaven ... delicious, malty goodness, a touch of bitterness and a clean, crisp finish. The Dunkel Weiss had the perfect amount of carbonation, and for me, that's quite a bit when you're talking wheat beers. Full-flavored, but not over-powering, the Blue Point Dunkel Weiss is one of the best American wheat beers I've ever enjoyed.

Next up was the Cherry Imperial Stout. My smile was ear-to-ear when Glenn handed me mine. An abyss-like darkness at first glance, followed by a crimson, dark-cherry red when I held the glass up to the light and gave it a slight tilt. A light foamy head on top, and aromas of chocolate and black cherries popped from the beer.

The first sip ... ahhhhhhh. A winter warmer for sure! The Cherry Imperial Stout was filled with rich flavors of dark malt, bitter chocolate and sour cherries ... absolutely wonderful. You could enjoy this with a slice of German Black Forest cake and probably never need to have another thing to eat or drink again. Amazing stuff.

Due to the ridiculous number of people in there, we decided to bolt, but before we did, we made sure to grab a jug each of those two outstanding Blue Point Brewery beers. I sure hope they get some distribution out west very soon!

Overall Score of the Blue Point Brewery Dunkel Weiss: 4.75 out 5.0

Overall Score of the Blue Point Brewery Cherry Imperial Stout: 4.5 out 5.0

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, and I wish you all a wonderful New Year!


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