Friday, January 2, 2009

Weekend Brews - Week 53 - Happy New Beer!

Hey it's Friday again, and even though I didn't have to work this week, it still feels good.

Friday means it's time for another Weekend Brews Report, and tonight I'd like to talk about a beer from New Belgium Brewing. If this doesn't improve your weekend, I don't know what will ...

The beer? 1554. It's what they call an "enlightened black ale." This beer represents a story of resilience. In 1997 the New Belgium Brewery lost the recipe for this beer due to a flood. Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert and researcher Phil Benstein took the challenge to find another. They traveled to Belgium and dug through books from hundreds of years ago, and rediscovered the ingredients and brewing techniques that would soon become the 1554 black ale.

Let's pop the top and get going.

Hellooooo darkness! A beautiful black liquid slides into the glass and creates a lush, foamy head. It leaves behind some delicate lacing, and a few small circular bubbles on top. Notes of chocolate and toffee are abundant. Wowsers! The first sip goes down faster than Glass Joe!

Oh man that is gooooooood! Silky smooth with flavors of dark chocolate cake and a shot of espresso, this beer is perfect for a cold January evening. It finishes dry and leaves behind hints of bittersweet cocoa to keep you happy until the next sip. I could get used to drinking this as my after dinner beer of choice.

If you haven't tried the 1554 from New Belgium, I highly recommend it. The smart folks from Fort Collins, Colorado have done it again.


Overall Score for the New Belgium 1554: 4.5 out 5.0

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