Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Brews - Week 54 - California Beer and Pizza

Pizza played an important role in my life growing up on Long Island. It's what you ate at the end of the soccer season. It's what you ate on Fridays during Lent if you grew up Catholic. The pizzeria was where you went with your friends because it was close enough to ride your bike to, and the price was right for the few bucks you had in your pocket. And, on any given weekend night, you'd be grabbing a slice on the "late night" after drinking a few beers and running around town because one of your friends decided to be the designated driver. Thank you driver.

Pizza is a New York point of pride
, and I'm glad I grew up around it. (Okay ... hold on, give me a minute as I wipe the tears from my face.)

Speaking of beer, I'm pretty sure that pizza and beer is the best food combination on earth.

Okay, so now that we know pizza is on the menu, what type of beer do you think is a good match? A lager? Lagers are a good choice. But for me, it's better if the beer has plenty of hops.

So tonight let's celebrate California beer and pizza! Whatdaya say?

The pizza is from Rocco's. The beer is from the Firestone Walker Brewery.

It's the Union Jack India Pale Ale!

It pours a sunrise orange and amber into the glass and creates a fluffy head fit for taking a nap. Strong aromas of orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and pine combine with a hint of fresh bread. Lordamercy, this beer smells amazing!

And now to sip this fine beverage after I grab a bite.

Did I say bite? Wow! That's exactly what you get from the Union Jack I.P.A. A tight bitterness balanced well with a medium-bodied malt flavor. Rounded out with a classic quick and dry finish ... an excellent example of the American I.P.A.

I have to say, starting your weekend with some tasty beer and pizza gets my full recommendation. Go out there and order up a pie, grab a sixer of your favorite brew and go to town! You won't regret it.


Overall score of the Firestone Walker Union Jack I.P.A. 4.0 out of 5.0

Psssssst! Although Rocco's makes a good California pie, it doesn't compare to my beloved New York pizza. I miss you New York pizza. A slice of grandma pizza from Rosa's in Huntington haunts my dreams at night. Oh man!

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