Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damn the Torpedos ... Extra IPA

Every now and then a beautiful thing happens in the world of beer. That beautiful thing today is the release of a new, year-round selection from Sierra Nevada called Torpedo Extra IPA. Praise the gods! (After living in Gainesville, Florida for six years, I had to throw in a little Tom Petty reference in the title.)

Okay, so first off, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company uses what they call the "Hop Torpedo." Wow. That sounds incredible. What the hell is it? Well, to quote the press release as read on
Beer Advocate:

The Hop Torpedo is a cylindrical stainless steel vessel that was developed to harness the essential oils and resins in hops, without extracting bitterness. The device essentially works like an espresso machine. A stainless filter basket is packed full of whole cone hops loaded into the vessel and sealed against pressure. The device is then placed in the fermentation cellars where beer from the cylindroconical fermenters is pushed down from the tanks, through the pressurized column of hops and back into the fermenting tank. The flow of beer out of the tanks, into the Torpedo and back into the fermenter can be controlled to extract different levels of flavor, aroma and bitterness. Essentially, it is a new way of dry-hopping that extracts all of the oily resin without the residual bitterness of the traditional method.

Holy crap! Who doesn't want one of those?

Okay, let's get a look at, and taste of this Torpedo Extra IPA shall we?

The amber glow of the liquid makes the Sierra Nevada pint glass light up like the face of an airline CEO after collecting checked baggage fees over a holiday travel weekend. A light and foamy head sits comfortably on top and slowly creates moon-like craters as it dips down into the beer. Alluring aromas of citrus, pine and sugary sweetness bound from the glass. Oh man, this looks and smells amazing! How's it taste?

Good god y'all! Help me! Somebody slap me in the face! I've just been torpedoed!

Flavors of citrus, sweet malty goodness and smooth as a mofo. Now that's what I call an American IPA!

I'll be honest, Dogfish 90 minute IPA still has a leg up on this beer if ya ask me, but Sierra Nevada has certainly made the right choice in adding this brew to its regular line up. Hooray for another quality IPA!

If the store near you hasn't stocked this yet, demand they do! If you dig the IPAs, you will not be disappointed.


Overall Score of the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA: 4.5 out 5.0

Oh yeah, and here's your Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.


  1. This sounds amazing. I mean, regular Sierra Nevada is pretty good...and this involves a torpedo.

  2. ha ha. Exactly! I wish I had a torpedo.

  3. This beer is very complex, yet it is much more fun just drinking it. Myself, I would not compare this beer to the 90 Minute which I agree is a wonderful beer.
    The Torpedo IPA is much lighter, yet loaded with subtle flavors that provide so so much pleasure. Bravo Sierra Nevada