Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 20 - Fuh,Fuh,Fuh...FRIDAY!

Work is finally over. The coffee from this morning has worn off. I should be tired. I should be ready to curl up on my couch and take a five hour nap.

But wait... what do I see? It's a fridge filled with beer next to me!

Today we will talk about two craft brewed beers that are new to Gainesville, Florida. I am very happy they are here.

First up is the Organic IPA from Bison Brewing Company... straight from good old Berkeley, California... damn hippies.

Actually, I used to live out that way, and while there are still hippies in Berkeley, it's a fun place to hang and drink some great locally brewed beers.

Now I've been trying to be healthy lately, and in doing so, I've been supporting the organic produce, dairy and meat producers of the US. I have to tell you... the food just tastes better. Yeah, it's more expensive, but it's better for you and it makes me feel good not to be ingesting more chemicals than necessary. Jesus, now who sounds like the hippie? On to the alcohol...

It's organic alcohol, so it's healthier, right?

Okay, okay... the beer...the color is a bit light for an IPA. The beer has a solid amber color, but it wouldn't kill them to use a slightly darker malt. Just sayin'. Have no fear, the aroma makes up for what this beer lacks in rich color. It's a citrus and spice masterpiece flowing up my nose. You'll wish you had your pillows stuffed with hops after you smell this brew.

The aroma forces me to have to drink this beer right now!

It's bittersweet, rich and delicious. A bit shy on the malt sweetness I prefer in an IPA, but this beer is no doubt a crisp and clean beverage that is sure to please the hophead in all of us.

I will buy this beer again. I wish I had some onion rings and big fat burger to go with it though. Right now all I have is beer.

I have nothing to complain about.

Overall Score of the Bison Organic IPA: 4.0 out 5.0


Beer number two, from my fridge to you, is the Boulder Beer Company's Sweaty Betty Blonde. Sounds disgusting. ha ha.

This beer is for, "Summer, Summer, Summertime," ao the Boulder Beer website tells me. It's an unfiltered wheat beer, that truly is fit for hot Summer days. It has that classic, cloudy appearance and a gorgeous golden hue. Unfortunately I don't have the proper glassware for wheat beers, but I'll deal with what I have.

The aroma is a punch in the mouth with banana and a touch of cloves. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a problem with banana flavored anything and sometimes that banana smell, but for some reason this beer isn't turning me off. I even get a hint of mango and pineapple. I'm not sure that's what they were going for, but this beer is starting to make me think I'm about to drink a smoothie. ha ha.

Here it goes... down the hatch...

Interesting. This beer is full of fruit flavors, but none that I would normally attribute to a wheat beer. Again I taste mango. It's a subtle taste, but it is definitely there. This Sweaty Betty beer is insanely smooth, and would be fit for anyone wanting to enjoy several beers in a row.

It doesn't have the flavors I think of in terms of Bavarian-style wheat beers, but it definitely is unique and worthy of a tasting.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Overall Score on the Sweaty Betty Blonde: 3.5 out 5.0

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