Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 21 - Imperial Beer

It's Friday up in here! And it's a good thing too. The work week was awful, and I need some time to wind down and sip a tasty beverage. I have a special brew to speak of later on this evening, but for now I want to talk about an imperial brew that comes from Athens... Georgia, that is.

Imperial? What the hell does that mean? Well, from what I can tell, it usually means a strong beer using more than the average amount of ingredients. In this case it is double the ingredients.

This Weekend Brews report would like to introduce to you, the Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale from the Terrapin Beer Company. (If I was a talented video artist, this is where I would place a video of a the bottle strutting down an aisle lined with horn players declaring the status of this splendid ale. All hail the Prince of Zamunda!)

This doubled version of the tasty Terrapin Rye Pale Ale has that little something extra for those of us who like a little heavier beer now and then.

It pours a rich reddish-brown into the pint glass, and shows its cloudy character once the carbonation settles. It smells of glorious "ancient grain hop juice"... like a farm filled with workers collecting this year's hop harvest. Ahhhh. With that kind of hop scent coming from the pint, you know it has to have a good bit of bitterness.

It does. A fine beer for hopheads to enjoy; well-balanced with extra malt sweetness to create a smooth and creamy finish. To borrow from Ferris Bueller... this beer is so choice.

It warms me inside and puts a smile on my face. Works sucks. It's true. Now it's over, and I'm drinking a delicious beer, and hopefully you're reading about it while drinking one too.

As I mentioned above, I've got another beer to talk about later on. I just put it in the fridge, so it will be awhile before it is good and ready for a pour.

In the meantime, crank up your Friday with a tasty Terrapin beer, or whatever you have nearby. Life is short, and if you're going to die anyway, why not drink as many delicious beers as possible, right?


Overall Score on the Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale: 4.0 out of 5.0

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