Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 24 - Hebrew Part Deux

Another Friday is upon us, and for the third time this year, I've fallen ill. What is with 2008? Ahhh, the hell with it.

So, against the advice of my doctor and the pharmaceutical companies, I shall enjoy a beer while on antibiotics(Note: This blog and its writer do not condone the use of alcohol while on antibiotics, this is strictly for scientific purposes... or rather... thirst purposes. So yeah, don't do it.). Who is the flu to prevent you from reading about a tasty brew that may just make your weekend slightly better than it already is, right? Exactly. I say, "F" the flu.

A guy named Zak, from the Schmaltz Brewing Co., commented on my previous He'Brew beer post about their Origin Ale, and mentioned that I should try their Rejewvenator Harvest to Harvest Ale. (props to the brewery for the product shot... my camera is busted so I needed to grab the photo from their very helpful website. Man, do they know how to market or what? BTW, Schmaltz Brewing Company, I'm moving to San Francisco soon, I work in marketing, so whatdaya say we talk about a job... please?)

According to the brewery website, this is a, "half-doppelbock, half-Belgian inspired dubbel infused with the juice of the sacred fig." Now, I know just about everyone has enjoyed a Fig Newton as a kid... and if you've enjoyed those delicious baked treats, AND you like beer? Fughettaboutit.

I open and pour...

The Rejewvenator comes correct with a dark cherry hue and a luscious foamy head. The rich reddish/brown liquid starts to warm my heart even before I take a sip. The pungent aroma of malt sweetness, with a kiss of hops to boot, climbs up my nose like that yodeller guy from the Cliffhanger game on The Price Is Right. Just from smell alone you can tell this beverage is going to be chock full of flavor. And now we taste...

The Rewjewvenator most certainly tells the tale of a fig lover's delight... bold, sweet, and smooth with just enough bite from the hops to let you know it's a beer and not a juice. The fig is an interesting choice of fruit to use in a beer, but the color and subtle sweetness seem to make sense. I have to tell you, it works well. With such a unique flavor, it certainly harmonizes with the CaraRed and Dark Crystal malts to create a powerful, luxurious beverage.

Drink this beer whenever you feel like it, but I would bet money that it would pair perfectly with a pecan pie after dinner, or a salty snack in the late night. In fact, if this beer was wrapped in a thin slice of prosciutto di Parma right now, I'd be in heaven.

It's the weekend my people, so get out there and have a beer. If you're sick like me, just have one, but make sure it's a good one... like The Rejewvenator. I sure hope it rejuvenates me.


Overall Score on the Rejewvenator Harvest to Harvest Ale: 4.0 out 5.0


  1. This might be your best review yet. Referencing the yodeling dude from the Price is Right game was money.

    Kudos to you for posting a review while enduring the black plague. I figured we'd miss out this week.

  2. Agreed. Now stop being sick all the time. And once you find a sweet job in SF please get me one too, okay?

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