Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Brews - Week 21 - Part Deux

I promised another treat this evening, and here it is... I present to you, Florida's own, Saison Athene from the Saint Somewhere Brewing Company.

This Belgian-style beer is brewed in Tarpon Springs, Florida, a town not exactly known for its brewing expertise. Nonetheless, Saint Somewhere Brewing Company knows what they are doing.

Sold in beautifully labeled 750ml bottles, this lovely beverage flows into the glass with a Florida orange glow and fizzy head. The carbonation streams upward through the cloudy tangerine liquid, and this beer is telling me it's going to be heavenly.

The smell brings forth banana, cloves and citrus... a perfect combination for this warm Florida night. I think I made a solid selection at the beer store earlier when I picked this one out of the bevy of big bottled beauties available.

Lips to the glass and I take a pull... oh man, that's good. This beer is perfectly carbonated as the bubbles tickle the tongue, and you get a blast of citrus without an overwhelming sweetness. It has a slightly dry finish, but not as dry as expected from the high level of carbonation.

In a word; delicious. Two words; fucking great. Seriously, this beer is outstanding!

I have to hand it to Matt Weaver for mentioning the great reviews this brewery had been getting on other beer review sites, and encouraging me to try it. I had seen these beers a few times at my local beer store and thought, "Meh... a Florida brewery? I don't know man, I haven't liked anything from Florida yet." Man, was I wrong.

Saint Somewhere has renewed my faith in Florida brewing, and now I will have to try their other beers, as well as get back out there and track down some other Florida offerings.

If you can get your hands on this Saint Somewhere Saison Athene, do it. You will not regret it.


Overall Score of the Saint Somewhere Saison Athene: 4.5 out 5.0

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  1. I was standing in Ward's yesterday, blank-faced and dumbfounded by the big-bottle beer selection. I have no memory for which of these beers are worth my monies or not. You boys are better wired to recall beer details and sports statistics.